Dive-bombing bird of prey attacks picnickers while ruthlessly stealing food


A swooping bird of prey panicked picnickers as it swooped in to steal food.

The red kite forced a family to flee, injuring the father by catching a pizza crust and narrowly missing his young daughter.


A dive-bombing red kite panicked picnickers as they rushed to steal foodCredit: Kevin Dunnett
The Bird of Prey ripped a piece off Chris Hayden's shoulder


The Bird of Prey ripped a piece off Chris Hayden’s shoulderCredit: Kevin Dunnett

The razor-clawed raptor ripped a piece off Chris Hayden’s shoulder as he enjoyed a riverside picnic with fiancée Sam Barrett, 33, their daughters Lottie, six, and Poppy, one, and other family members.

The garage boss, 29, said: ‘We were sitting there talking and the next minute I just felt this big hairy ball hit me in the face and then it tried to latch on and take off.

“I had a tiny bit of a crust and that’s what he did.

“I thought someone threw something at me.”

The kite, which has a wingspan of 6ft and usually eats small mammals, then swooped down on the family twice more.

Carer Sam said: “He fell twice more, once near Poppy.

“She was just sitting there eating and it would have really hurt her.

“The third time was very close to us and that’s when we thought, let’s go.

“This kite has taught people to match food and attack picnics.”

Our reporter was even dive-bombed when she stopped for a sandwich by the Thames at Mill Meadows in Henley-on-Thames, Oxon.

Red kites are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Daisy Smith, of Henley Council, said: ‘There have been some recent problems with opportunistic kites with picnics.

Sam Barrett said:


Sam Barrett said: “This kite has taught people the equality of food and attack picnics”Credit: Kevin Dunnett
The kite has a wingspan of 6 feet and usually eats small mammals


The kite has a wingspan of 6 feet and usually eats small mammals

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