Osprey scouts for food – Central Queensland Today

For Keith Ireland, the hard work was worth it for this Osprey photo.

Birds in Our World with Keith Ireland

Within the group of birds known as “diurnal birds of prey”, there are several subgroups such as eagles, falcons, falcons, kites, goshawks and harriers.

There are a few unique birds as a separate identity, such as the Nankeen Kestrel and the bird we’re looking at today, the osprey.

Osprey is a fish falcon that I observed searching for food along the shoreline always hoping that one might suddenly dive as I followed it with my camera. It is found virtually all around the Australian coast.

On the Capricorn Coast, nesting boxes have been erected near Ross Creek and at Rosslyn Bay and Ospreys have used them. I watched the birds nesting in Rosslyn Bay until I was sure the young had hatched and the adults were feeding. Since the nest was very high, I had to wait downstairs and hope to be there when they brought food.

I’ve waited in the parking lot several times trying to time my visits to coincide with the turn of the tide because from the information I had that would be the most likely time these birds would be in fishing.

One morning I was there again. In the distance I saw a dot that grew larger as it approached and I could see the fish hanging from its talons.

I was able to focus as he got closer and used continuous shooting as he walked away towards the nest and then headed towards him which was exactly what what I hoped he would do. The illustration here was part of the final curve.

The number of visits and the wait time were worth it.


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