Tell production company ‘Free Turn’ wild animals don’t belong on set


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For the movie that just came out Gigi and Nate—which glorifies the use of monkeys as service animals, even though the Americans With Disabilities Act does not recognize them as such – production company Free Turn used a real capuchin monkey instead of relying solely on images computer-generated (CGI) cruelty-free.

Capuchin monkeys, like the one used to Gigi and Nate, are intelligent and highly social animals that naturally live in groups and spend most of their time in trees. In the rainforests where they belong, capuchins choose mates, raise families, and have complex communication systems. They run through the treetops with amazing speed and precision. However, in training complexes, wild animals used in film and television are usually relegated to cramped cages – far from their natural habitats – and it’s well documented that Hollywood trainers often use training methods behind the scenes in order to get them to play. signal.

When filmmakers choose to exploit real animals, especially in a story that values ​​them as “pets,” it sends audiences the dangerous and outdated speciesist message that animals are ours to use and protect. control – and even worse, that wild animals are happy in humans. environments. PETA and primate advocates fear films like Gigi and Nate could lead to an increase in demand for these animals, which would fuel unscrupulous primate dealers who breed primates en masse and sell them to private owners with no regard for their welfare.

CGI and animatronics can portray animals in a humane and responsible way, as evidenced by the hyperrealistic chimpanzee in Nopethe realistic monkey in Philadelphia is always sunnythe impressive gorilla Peacemakerand even the fantastic creatures of Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets. Whenever producers allow the use of live wild animals in their films, they are supporting the abusive animal training industry.

Use the form below to contact Free Turn and ask them to stop exploiting wild animals for entertainment.


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