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Many years ago, the city mover decided to connect Rangeley with the Boston market. The House has been instructed to advertise in this vicinity. And here are the results. I know I’m not driving the fanciest vehicle. It’s my choice to buy something that just needs a little fixing and then drive it until it’s done. Usually I give it away or call the junk dealers. But this year I improved a bit. I thought I’d try to make this vehicle last a few years. But a small problem begins to creep into this picture. You see, this is the first time I have had to install a camera in my car. Things seem to keep happening that aren’t typical of Rangeley. I even had to start taking pictures of my car to prove to myself that I wasn’t imagining anything. I just knew that scratch wasn’t there two days ago. I’m sure the taillight wasn’t broken the last time I washed the car. The majority of these small events happened at the local grocery store. One of them happened at the lumber yard. So, I started parking my car as far away from other people as possible and not having to walk ten miles for my needs. At an event, I was parked a considerable distance from any other vehicles and yet a large white pickup truck was parked right next to my car. I had just put my groceries in the back seat and was turning the cart over. I was very surprised that this person decided to park so far from the store entrance, right next to my vehicle. No I hadn’t locked the doors, it was Rangeley no need to lock the doors. So I thought. The person got out of his vehicle and looked inside my car. If I had had my phone with me, I would have waited to see what happened next. But I was nice and didn’t let the situation turn into a problem. So I have to congratulate you, Rangeley, becoming the same as Boston. I hear stories of properties destroyed by tenants. Soon there will be more signs asking people to stay away from personal properties. The majority of people in Rangeley greet you with smiles and friendly attitudes. We all realize that a bad apple ruins everything. Some people sell their property to move to a quieter area thanks to noisy machinery. Yet, sooner or later, visitors encroach on this peace and quiet. This property is trespassing prohibited, but people drive around just to look around. I followed a gentleman home and asked him if he could read. He admitted he could, but thought the signs didn’t apply to him. Another guy came, got out of his vehicle and walked around. I knew the guy, so I followed him home and did the same where he was staying. I want to remind you good people, you come here to praise and enjoy. Do not ruin and destroy. You lose the right to complain about land that is no longer accessible thanks to the minority who don’t care. There are still many good people who come here to enjoy this area. We will continue to welcome you kind people. But, we get tired and therefore we are forgiven when the signs go up. The trails close and our attitude begins to change. I’ve been at Rangeley since the 50’s and it’s a sad sign of what’s to come. Maybe Star Trek will teach me how to build a force field to put around my car. I already know how to build a laser fence, but I still appreciate passing wild animals. NO not people, just four legged creatures. COB Mountaineer Ken White

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